Alternative Survey

What is an alternative survey?

An alternative survey with Old Town Van Lines is a virtual way of receiving a moving estimate. Usually, a local Old Town agent comes to your home to provide you with a quote. However, your time, safety, and comfort are our priorities. That’s why we’re offering alternative survey options for your move, including:


The telephone survey option allows you to talk with your Old Town representative over the phone about your items and belongings. This can be done with a landline, since it is audio only. Your local agent will ask questions about the size and number of your items, the length of your move, and more. He or she might ask for photos of your home and belongings in order to provide a more accurate price.


To utilize the video survey method, you will need a fully charged smartphone, flashlight, tape measure, and Wi-Fi or cell data. You will need to set aside one hour for the survey to be completed. During that hour, your Old Town agent will lead you through every step of the way, so you have the confidence that nothing is left out of your survey.


You, the customer, will conduct this type of survey using our AI software. This method is similar to the video survey. However, there are no Old Town representatives involved in the initial step of the AI method. Our best tip for customers who decide to record artificial intelligence surveys is to open every drawer and closet on camera and show every nook and cranny. The little areas in your home can contain more items to be moved than you might think.


Whether you want to practice social distancing or you’re on a tight timeline, having a local agent in your home isn’t always the best option. There are many reasons to use one of our alternative estimate methods, including:

  • You are immunocompromised and need to keep others out of your home as much as possible.
  • One of our representatives cannot physically get to your home in an appropriate amount of time.
  • The survey is being done after business hours to accommodate your schedule.
    You prefer this first step of the move done electronically.

In Conclusion

Old Town Van Lines is committed to providing safe and convenient moving services to its customers. We understand that your time, safety, and comfort are important, which is why we offer alternative survey methods that can be done remotely. Our telephone survey, video survey, and artificial intelligence survey options allow you to receive a moving estimate without having a local agent come to your home. These options are particularly useful if you want to practice social distancing, have a tight timeline, or prefer to have the first step of your move done electronically.

At Old Town Van Lines, we are always looking for ways to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. By utilizing our alternative survey methods, you can save time and avoid unnecessary contact with others. If you are interested in using one of our alternative survey options, please contact us today to schedule your virtual estimate. Let us help you make your move a success!

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